This page mentions a few of the most well-known free SQL Server tools for which SQLFacts offers overlapping functionality.
Glenn Berry created SQL Server Diagnostic Queries (DQ) to provide a variety of information.
The SQLFacts toolkit provides very similar functionality with SQLFacts, BACKUP, MetricsNow, SQLAgent, Bufferin,
Databases, Sessions, Resources, AGLatency, Statistics, QueryHistory, IndexHistory, IndexActivity, and IndexNeeds.
DQ is the most comprehensive of all the tools listed here, but it's not nearly as comprehensive as the SQLFacts toolkit.
The SQLFacts toolkit neatly organizes all the functionality into tools for specific tasks. The tools provide all the necessary contextual information for the tasks. The functionality and the information are much more disjointed in DQ.
Adam Machanic created sp_WhoIsActive to investigate what SQL code is running.
The SQLFacts toolkit provides very similar functionality with Sessions, Locksmith, and WaitingRoom.
Brent Ozar created sp_BlitzFirst, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzCache, and sp_Blitz, to investigate performance issues.
The SQLFacts toolkit provides very similar functionality with Sessions, IndexHistory, QueryHistory, and MetricsNow.
Greg Low created SDU Tools to provide many general-purpose functions and utilities.
The SQLFacts toolkit provides much of the same utility functionality with SQLFacts, Sessions, and IndexHistory.
Phil Factor (and others) have done a lot of work on identifying SQL Code Smells and Table Smells.
The SQLFacts toolkit implements checking for many code smells and database smells with SQLFacts.
All these tools have been popular for years, but SQLFacts offers next-level functionality.
The SQLFacts toolkit provides a lot of the same functionality, and a lot of other unique functionality, but without all the variability in style. All the tools in the toolkit use the same T-SQL code conventions and formatting.
The SQLFacts toolkit goes far beyond these tools in finding, analyzing, and presenting opportunities for improving
your databases. It combines information in very innovative ways, connecting the dots to provide valuable insights
into potential corrections or enhancements. It's truly the ultimate SQL Server database engineer toolkit!
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