SQLFacts - A powerful suite of FREE tools for SQL Server database professionals.

SQLFacts is a comprehensive suite of 44 tools with awesome features. The toolkit includes plenty to love for everybody, with tools for SQL Server database development, database administration, and performance tuning.

Some activities are focused INSIDE the database(s), while other activities are focused OUTSIDE the database(s).
The powerful tools in the SQLFacts toolkit make it all very easy! Here's a chart:



SQLFacts BACKUP   Statistics
Browse RESTORE   Threshold
References MetricsNow MetricsNow QueryHistory
Search MetricsHistory MetricsHistory QueryTracker
GenerateKeys Auditor Auditor QueryIndexes
GenerateSQL SQLAgent SQLAgent IndexHistory
PrimaryKeys Bufferin Bufferin IndexActivity
ForeignKeys Databases Databases IndexNeeds
Trimmer Sessions Sessions IndexNeedsPlus
Features Snooper Snooper INCLUDE
Logger WaitingRoom WaitingRoom Indexer
Tables Resources Resources Janitor
Routines Blocking Blocking Storage
Compressor Locksmith Locksmith  
  Deadlocks Deadlocks  
  Planner Planner  
  AGLatency AGLatency  

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