Version: 20210719

SQLFacts - A powerful suite of FREE tools for SQL Server database professionals.

The SQLFacts zip file (see the download link below) contains SQLFacts and 15 other awesome tools for SQL Server database developers and administrators.

The comprehensive set of 16 new tools includes:
SQLFacts, Browse, References, Search, GenerateKeys, BACKUP, RESTORE, MetricsNow, MetricsHistory, Bufferin,
Databases, Sessions, QueryHistory, IndexHistory, IndexNeeds, IndexNeedsPlus.

All of them consist of T-SQL code, so nothing is hidden from users.
All the code can be reviewed to see how things are done.
All the code can be customized to suit various needs and situations.
None of the tools modify the server or database in any way. They are strictly read-only.

The SQLFacts suite of tools requires the user to have VIEW SERVER STATE permission.

The SQLFacts suite of tools was created using the practical experience of more than 20 years of work as a SQL Server database developer and administrator. This collection of tools is new, but routines like these have proven extremely useful for SQL Server database engineering and performance tuning for a very long time.

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The functionality of these tools is not entirely unique. Some of the same functionality can be obtained from various articles written by very smart people with deep SQL Server experience. This new collection of tools has the advantage of obtaining everything all at once, from one source, with consistency in T-SQL coding style and format. These tools also have many unique and beneficial features, especially for database research and analysis.

The SQLFacts suite of tools is intended for SQL Server 2012 and newer. However, most of them work fine with some prior versions. A few of the tools have a disabled block of SQL code to exchange with an active block for use with prior versions.

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